Client Profiles

Adam Maher

Name: Adam
Age: 38

“I started at Cairns Altitude Training almost from its first opening in February 2018 and have been training there ever since. I started training at Cairns Altitude Training because I wanted to get fitter, lose some weight and enjoy the mental health benefits from regular exercise. I’ve stayed on with Cairns Altitude Training because it makes cardio fun. Also, because I have started up 5km Park Runs and am finding that Altitude Training is assisting in gradually improving my run time each time. For anyone looking to start their exercise journey or looking for help I encourage you to take the time and engage an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. 4 years of university and ongoing professional development means they know what they are doing.”

A little more about Adam:
His favourite exercise/piece of exercise equipment: Love altitude cardio, bike the most
His best holiday: Too many to choose from, wherever my wife I go together we always have a blast
His favourite pet/animal: Mine of Course – Sir Swarley Mungbean Mockentocken Cole Maher-Maher
Hobbies/sports: Reading, and would love to get back into some cricket

Bree - Touch Footy

Name: Bree
Age: 25

"I started at Cairns Altitude Training (CAT) in April 2018 after I set my sights on being a fitter player in my next Touch Football tournament, and achieving my Level 6 Referee Badge in one year's time at Nationals. After a big push from one of my best friends to simply 'give it a go', I was also curious to see what it was all about and how it could improve my sporting ability.  It also added some variety to my training, because let's be honest, I really hate running just because! CAT also opens an opportunity to train with others, and it never disappoints in providing an entertaining training session. I've continued my training journey with CAT as it has significantly increased my overall sporting performance in improving my sprint repeatability and cardiovascular fitness, both components being vital in playing and refereeing Touch Football.  With the help of the crew at CAT, I was able to achieve BOTH my goals and I am already looking ahead to see how I can continue to work with Scott and Mikaela to progress towards my next goal of refereeing at a Touch Football World Cup. My advice to anyone considering participating in Altitude Training is to just go for it! The benefits to Altitude Training are just that, beneficial, and 150% worth it!"

A little more about Bree:
Her favourite exercise/piece of exercise equipment: I enjoy altitude training, but lifting heavy things has always been my ultimate favourite.
Her best holiday: Iceland or Hawaii, I strongly recommend both if you can do it! The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, and that's not just because Iceland was cold!
Her favourite pet/animal: My lil moggie, Smokey!
Hobbies/sports: Lots of Touch Football! And Chinese Lion Dancing, especially around the New Lunar Year celebrations!