Accredited Exercise Physiologists & Accredited Exercise Scientists

Cairns Altitude Training provides you with the most experienced and knowledgeable Accredited Exercise Physiologists and Accredited Exercise Scientists Cairns has to offer.

What are Accredited Exercise Physiologists?

Accredited through Exercise Sport Science Australia (ESSA). Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) are specialists in exercise interventions and delivery for people with chronic conditions, apparently healthy populations (low risk) and athletes.

What are Accredited Exercise Scientists?

Accredited through Exercise Sport Science Australia (ESSA). Accredited Exercise Scientists (AES) are specialists with knowledge and skills to apply the science of exercise to develop interventions that improve health, fitness, well-being, performance, and that assist in the prevention of chronic conditions.


AEPs and AES have the knowledge and skills to help individual athletes and teams to improve their sporting performance through the use of scientific knowledge, methods and applications in the areas of physiology; biomechanics; psychology; and motor control and motor development. They evaluate research, and they advise on the technical and practical aspects of training; injury prevention; technique; nutritional supplements; performance and recovery practices.

Both an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Accredited Exercise Scientist can help you or your team by:

  • developing a strength and conditioning program
  • monitoring training load
  • analysing skills and techniques
  • providing biomechanical analysis for injury prevention or to improve performance
  • liaising with other members of the support team to optimise performance
  • keeping you up to date with the latest techniques in performance management.

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